Web Mills

What’s a “Web Mill” you might ask? A Web Mill is a small or large agency that primarily devotes 100% of it’s time doing only websites and usually pumps out websites at a tremendous rate. These types of agencies do not have your best interest in mind, they say they do, but ultimately they will just crank you out a website (usually on the cheap) and you will never be satisfied with it. It does not really meet your marketing needs and it looks just like every other website out there, as a matter of fact the reason it looks like like every other website is because they used a free or paid template they downloaded and just made your content fit.

How much did you interact with designers or developers? were you involved in the process? Was there a solid plan to create all the steps like site maps, wireframes and comps/mood-boards? Or did you just sign off on some image they said is what you website will look like? The latter is the way most agencies will do it, make you a image of what they say your website will look like, but the old days when one mock up worked does not cut it anymore, with responsive websites being the norm today a simple static full color mock up is a lame way to represent how your website will look like in multiple devices at multiple resolutions. Then after you approve it you wait a few weeks until they send you a link for you to look at a finished website and you approve it, then they launch it and you are done, end of service.

An agency like Trademark Creative will sit with you, listen to what your organizations goals are and then involve you in the planning/creation process. From assets creation like images or videos or making sure the words on your site are conveying the correct message. Involvement throughout the site process is paramount to your marketing success. A creative agency besides having your website needs in mind can also help you with assets creation, build strong branding through logos, printed material and digital marketing like email and social.

Building a website that can convert sales or create leads is most important, and not just having a website up for the sake of it. So next time you are shopping for a place to create your next web project, make sure it’s not a mill thats producing your website, you will come up short and just have waisted your time and money. Make sure you contract with an agency that has your best interest in mind and and not just rolling out another website.

Note about the author: Tim Davis has over 20 years experience building websites, from large .coms, small business and nonprofits. For the last 3 years I have done nothing but responsive design in an agency setting, working with many client both small and large using many different platforms to deliver quality websites. Currently I hang my hat at Trademark Creative were we strive to deliver the very best website for your marketing/sales goals.

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