Renovate Your Las Vegas Commercial Development or Residential Builder Image by Rebranding

Las Vegas’ commercial and residential development market is on the rise. As new and existing developers make their mark in the Las Vegas landscape, which builder will be remembered? As a commercial or residential developer operating in Las Vegas, the brand perception of your firm can have a significant impact on your business. If your brand is outdated or appears behind the times, you could fail to keep up with the competition.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding your commercial development firm can include a variety of items. Revamping your development company’s mission statement or tag line to align with updated business objectives or shifts in your philosophies are just a couple facets of branding from the voice perspective.

There are a variety of visual components when considering a rebrand; a new or updated company name, a new or existing logo refresh, a redesign of your company color palettes and more. As a residential or commercial developer, think of rebranding your firm as an internal business renovation. Below are a few basic points to put you on a path to a successful rebrand. With a little professional guidance, your rebrand can help to keep any existing structures you’ve built that are working – from crumbling down like the latest casino implosion.

Evolution is inevitable. Holding on to an outdated brand will not help you compete in the diverse Las Vegas commercial and residential builder market. Your competitors are evolving and new brands are emerging. Should you too?


Start by performing a brand audit

Determine the reason behind your desire to rebrand. Take note of the direction you would like your brand to move into and to what extent. Set some basic goals of your rebrand. Here are a couple of questions to start the thought process:

  1. Is your current brand as dated as those harvest gold appliances from the 70’s?
  2. Is your company name or tagline reflective of the type or building or communities you’re firm is currently known for developing?
  3. Does your company logo, colors and website design exemplify what people think or perceive about your business?

Don’t compromise existing brand equity

Brand equity is valuable because it is a true testament to a consumers’ perception of what your Las Vegas commercial or residential development company already is. Brand equity is the unique set of characteristics, which differentiates you from the competition. Sometimes you know them; sometimes your customer’s know them even better than you. (hint, hint…)

We have all seen poor examples or rebrands. This is where companies make hasty decisions to alter their look and tone to realize a loss of loyalty or business. Companies take a risk of compromising their brand equity when a rebrand is based on internal feedback alone. If your company is on a massive decline and losing touch with its audience then yes, it may be time to shoot way out in left field and take some risks. Otherwise, disallowing external feedback can deliver potentially poor consequences.

Seek outside opinions from your greatest fans to see how they feel about your commercial development firm. This is an essential process to gain an accurate snapshot of possible brand equity pros and cons.

Below are a couple of questions to ask your existing loyal customers:

  1. How do they feel about your company’s image?
  2. Which services do they feel you exceed your competition in?
  3. How do they feel about the craftsmanship of work you produce in the residences and commercial properties you are building?
  4. How do your current company colors and the style of imagery you use in your sales and marketing materials make them feel?
  5. What three words would sum up your company in their eyes?

Getting answers to a few basic questions will help give you insight on how to capitalize on the positives and leave any negatives in the dust.


K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple and Straightforward)

A logo is just one small component of your overall brand. Though many will rank a logo in the top three (when asked what a brand is or means). This is not always the case. When it comes to this tiny, yet powerful visual we definitely have some thoughts we’d like to weigh in.

Work to keep your logo design clean and uncluttered. Don’t over do your company logo. There is no need to have a designer showcase the entire storyline in one bulging swoop of lines, graphics and text. When a logo refresh is done correctly, it will trigger positive reactions. A clean, streamlined appearance sends a great first impression to the reintroduction of your identity to the marketplace. With effort to stand out amongst the crowded Las Vegas commercial and residential development market, take stock and research competitor logo designs.

  1. Do any of the competitor logo identities share common traits? (If yes, you may want to avoid showing the same over used approach.)
  2. What type of attributes can your new logo identity incorporate to make it look and feel different from the competition? (Colors, font selection, use of iconic symbols.)
  3. Do you have any unique geographical facets, industry alliances or specialized traits that could be infused to separate you from the others?

Simple, contemporary logos offer a lot more mileage pertaining to building your Las Vegas commercial development brand. Get the most leverage of use out of a new logo investment by ensuring it will work seamlessly across a variety of mediums. The mediums for use are endless; company sales materials, print, digital advertising to embroidered golf shirts and beyond. Showcasing your logo with appropriate mediums will help you to build brand awareness 24/7.

SHOUT it to the world

As you begin the rebranding process work to keep your stakeholders in the know. Build excitement for the relaunch of your new and improved brand during the process. This action will help to maintain trust and make stakeholders feel like they are a part of your business community.

To keep your network in the mix, consider using social media. Social media is the perfect platform to show behind the scenes action and sneak peaks. Clients and loyal fans always love a behind the scenes type of engagement. This personalized level of communication can impact your business rebrand in a big way.

Don’t travel the rebrand road alone

Rebranding is an exciting process that can deliver great success to helping your business grow. Understanding the best road to take and how much road to travel is critical. Consult with an experienced digital agency to help you through the rebranding process. A digital agency will help you discover possible angles to consider that you may never dream of. Having a cutting edge look, feel and memorable voice will attract new business and optimize the presentation of your services. Are you ready to make waves in the Las Vegas marketplace with a new and improved builder or commercial development brand? Give us a call, we can help!

Note about the author: Marketing Coordinator, A.K.A, Digital Diva, ShaDrena has spent the last four plus years posting, tweeting and blogging on behalf of local and nationally recognized startup and nonprofit brands. From content creation, to contribution on social marketing plan design and delivery – say hello to ShaDrena. In off hours, you can catch ShaDrena surfing the web reading about latest pop culture and social marketing trends via HubSpot, NewsCred, AdAge or Digiday.

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