Technology for Commercial & Residential Builders

As Las Vegas construction is on the rise again, many contractors are now finding tech solutions to help simplify and cut costs. Many new tools are available to help, but much of the industry has been slow to catch up as outlined in this article from Construction DIVE. Builders are now starting to leveraging technology in the field and cutting costs along the way.

Even companies who supply traditional materials to builders like blueprints have improved how and what they supply. Plan Grid has received 18 million in VC funding to back a service to deliver blueprints electronically through mobile devices. This will save much time and simplify the acquisition, storing and transportation of these documents. Learn more about plangrids evolution here.

Another aspect for any builder is how it represents it’s brand publicly through its corporate website. And home builders especially need to make sure that the website they present is representative of their brand and is user friendly to home buyers.

Trademark Creative does offer creative services and website development to advance the sales and brand presence of any sized builder. Call us today at 702-341-0030 to talk to a branding expert.

Note about the author: Tim Davis has over 20 years experience building websites ranging from large .coms to small business and nonprofits. For the last 4 years he has devoted his craft to building responsive websites in an agency setting working with small to large enterprise level clients. Currently Tim hangs his hat at Trademark Creative – where a close nit, world class team of creatives work in tandem everyday, striving to deliver extraordinary responsive website solutions designed to propel business sales and marketing goals.

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