Creative Comic Typography

Let’s be creative, and think past the pages in the book.

Gather some supplies from Michaels or any crafting store:

  • Canvas
  • Mod Podge for paper uses (this will be what you use to glue the letters down)
  • Scissors
  • Large letter stencils(Not always needed if you trust yourself with scissors).
  • Scrapbook Paper if you want to use something other than comic book paper
  • Comic books (I would recommend getting the cheapest available)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Colored construction paper
  • Paintbrushes


Now we can begin with a fun typography project, I like using comic books. Don’t worry I don’t use the expensive ones. I normally go to the back of a comic book store and get the old back issues that cost anywhere from $0.25 to $1.00. I really don’t like using comic books that are worth something. Ok, now that you have your supplies lets begin.

First, I recommend painting your canvas, basically the backdrop to the letters. It can be anything such as my Star Wars painting I did a solid black with white splashes to make it look like a sky, and for the Spiderman I did solid red with a white web. You can pick anything I would just make sure it’s not too busy because remember you want the letters to be showcased the most.


Second, Let’s start mapping out how many letters you have in your persons name. I went from one extreme to another with only 2 letters to having 8.I measured how much space I would need for each letter then made sure when cutting to keep it between the measured space. Every name is going to vary. If you are using comic books I like to start the first letter with the cover. You can also use scrapbook paper for your theme or even photos.

Alright now you have your canvas painted and your letters cut out. Let’s get them glued on with Mod Podge. I like to lather the backside with a paintbrush and then pick up the letter and stick it on to the canvas try to get the wrinkles out the best you can by smoothing down with your hand or roller. I’ve learned it will never be perfect. Just remember when it is hanging it will look perfect and no one will notice the wrinkles.

Great now you have your letters glued. Let’s start the outline of thecomic-book-image-em letters I tried to pick colors that matched the theme and at the same time brought attention to the letters. The color you pick is important because you do not want the letters to blend into the background. If you can’t decide on a color I would just go with white. The next canvas I make I’ve decided I will cut out colored construction paper that’s slightly larger than the main letter pages and make that the outline. If you go with construction paper make sure you glue this down with your mod podge first before you glue your main letters. Cutting out construction paper will make the process faster because when you paint the outline sometimes it take multiple layers to get it dark enough.

Finally we are all done. I made these for my nephews this year for Christmas. They make amazing presents for children or you can do them for family and do photos or scrapbook paper. You don’t have to stick to names you can always do shapes.

One more tip I can offer, if really want something unique you can can pick a custom font, print out large letters and use that as your template when cutting. it will make the project more tailored to the person you are giving it to or to you if you are making it for yourself. 

You can get free fonts online at and

Remember have fun with the project.



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