Pit Stop Oil Company is a Chevron/Texaco gasoline, car wash and convenience store chain with seven store locations and growing located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Typically located off of major interstate and beltway travel routes, most every Pit Stop store location sits less than a mile off of the I-215 beltway – a major expressway that connects North Las Vegas to Summerlin to the far Southern Henderson area.  Every store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Pit Stop’s retail experience provides a friendly, engaging shopping design to include grocery style foods, fast and fresh “to go” deli offerings, an entertainment/gaming alcove and full service or automatic car wash with vacuum and expanded hand towel drying services.

Logo Redesign


Sub Branding Identity Development

Three distinctive sub brand identities were developed for use in ongoing promotional activities. Each logo identity was crafted to exhibit program individuality while still maintaining a cohesive use of color, font and composition to relate to the original Pit Stop master brand.

Pit Stop Oil Company - fill it to win it logo
Pit Stop Oil Company - victory lane logo
Pit Stop Oil Company - on the roll logo


A custom WordPress website provided the perfect CMS solution to support Pit Stop’s growing operation. Custom promotional graphics with the ability to update ongoing as needed and a robust Google Map store locator tool that allows users to input their address and find the nearest store location were just a few of the enhanced features of this build.

Environmental Design - Interior Store Concept Rendering

Opened in Summer of 2013, the Rainbow/I-215 store location’s interior design incorporated an open air, industrial/modern approach that was unique and a first of its kind from all six previous store interiors. We developed pre-construction concept renderings to illustrate the colorful On The Roll Deli and retail store interior designs. From ceiling to floor, no stone was left unturned in designing a memorable and fun brand that patrons wold most certainly remember.


Environmental Design - Interior Store Live Installation

A quick shot of the construction work in progress as we worked with local installers and builders to make certain that our visions came to life with accuracy and detail.

Pit Stop Oil Company - OTR-mongoose

Print & Collateral - On The Roll Deli Food Program

An endless amount of ancillary support collateral items were executed using fun and colorful palettes and patterns to support the On The Roll Deli Brand well beyond the interior store shelves.

Pit Stop Oil Company - on the roll image 1
Pit Stop Oil Company - on the roll image 2
Pit Stop Oil Company - on the roll image 3

Victory Lane Gaming Program Promotion

Custom slot glass fronts, a variety of gaming alcove signage and mulit-tiered players card designs were just a few of the base components we developed to support Pit Stop’s Victory Lane Gaming Program.

Pit Stop Oil Company - victory lane-1

Social Marketing - Are You An Air Guitar Star Promotion


Social Marketing - Dog Days of Summer Promotion


Environmental Design - Interior Store Before TMC


Environmental Design - Interior Store After TMC

OTR-mongoose 2

Environmental Design - Car Wash Program

Previous on site signage was lack luster and confusing to the consumer. We worked with management to narrow down and define the three packages that we could feature consistently in all materials moving forward. Redesigning everything to display a progression price point conveyed with yellow to orange to red color blocks broke out the package cost points while reinforcing a unified sense of brand approved colors.

Pit Stop Oil Company - car wash signage 1
Pit Stop Oil Company - car wash signage 2
Pit Stop Oil Company - car wash signage 3

Enviromental Design - Car Wash Program

A complete car wash menu order redesign was in order. Previous signage was lack luster and confusing to the consumer.

Pit Stop Oil Company - ad - 1
Pit Stop Oil Company - ad - 2
Pit Stop Oil Company - ad - 3

AWESOME creative power house. We were searching for a creative team who could help us deliver a complete company rebrand, to include website, logo and several corporate collateral materials. TMC delivered in a huge way. Their creative branding ideas are fresh, the technologies they use are innovative and they provided a superb customer service experience every step of the way.

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