Kreeft & LeGrow is a full service insurance brokerage that specializes in delivering complete health and discount benefit products to the Las Vegas business community for over twenty five years.

We had the privilege of working with the Kreeft & LeGrow group for over five plus years where we worked with them do develop and launch an entire multi-brand identity build out showcasing numerous sub branding components. Each business component was offered and designed to help provide a unique set of core products and services. A variety of educational brochures, collateral and more was executed to support each division of the business.

Logo Design

Below you can view a series of three distinctive sub brand identities that were to fall underneath the Kreeft & LeGrow master brand. Each identity was crafted to show the niche individuality while maintaining a cohesive tone.


Micro Website

A simple four page micro-site designed around the idea of explaining the Distinct Benefit Solutions’ FREE pharmacy card program. Site visitors could customize a FREE discount pharmacy card through the website and print out to take with them to the pharmacy for usage. We built the site using WordPress for the CMS solution, it offered the perfect adaptable solution for easy maintenance and updating.



Website Sublanding Page


Educational Collateral Materials

Explaining the convoluted and confusing discount benefit space was no easy task. Since Discount Benefits are still failry unrecognized in the marketplace we need we needed to take a fun and simple approach. The use of customized character illustrations helped to play down the seriousness and minimize the overwhelming amount of information that is required by Federally regulated authorities.dba-brochure

AWESOME creative power house. We were searching for a creative team who could help us deliver a complete company rebrand, to include website, logo and several corporate collateral materials. TMC delivered in a huge way. Their creative branding ideas are fresh, the technologies they use are innovative and they provided a superb customer service experience every step of the way.

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