Is Your Business “Really” Ready to Grow?

Marketing and watching your gross revenues increase is an exciting process! More important than that is watching a team of smart, effective, happy and motivated employees pushing to help you to increase your net profits. The culture is electric, everyone … Continued

Building a Better Us…

So inevitably there comes the time when your current website becomes… old, dated or does not convey the correct message of who you are anymore and you make the decision to “redo” your website. Thats what we here at Trademark … Continued

Web Mills

What’s a “Web Mill” you might ask? A Web Mill is a small or large agency that primarily devotes 100% of it’s time doing only websites and usually pumps out websites at a tremendous rate. These types of agencies do … Continued

Is Your Website Responsive?

Responsive design is currently the big “buzzword” that you may have heard floating all around the web lately, but you might not know much about what the term “responsive” means. So here is a brief history and case for going … Continued