Building a Better Us…

So inevitably there comes the time when your current website becomes… old, dated or does not convey the correct message of who you are anymore and you make the decision to “redo” your website. Thats what we here at Trademark Creative have done with our own website. The previous website had been in place since 2010 and did not fully reflect who we were and what services we perform for our clients.

We did extensive research reviewing our local competition, and how other award winning agencies across the US (even the world) where representing themselves. We wanted to make sure we conveyed who we were as a creative agency and how we serve our clients. We wanted to incorparate modern contemporary web techniques like video and responsive layouts so that potential clients would understand from the first impression that Trademark Creative is not just another web mill.

comp-wireThe old website used older responsive techniques, so it was paramount to make the new website reflect the most current, fluent scaling and resizing methods that people expect when on mobile and tablet. I know if I was shopping for a new website I would not contact an agency that itself did not showcase a responsive website. We used a combination of many current technologies like: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS and WordPress CMS to product the site. We also concentrated heavily on our portfolio (Works) section to display a better, more vivid picture of how we get to know our clients from the inside out. Knowing that a potential client would like to see what kind of work we produce, we realized that most other agencies would just paste simple screenshots of a website with a link to it and that was it. Providing screen shots was just not enough to convey how much work, research and more we do – we wanted to tell a better story. A better story about all the little details involved in bringing full cycle solutions to our clients. Most will never know much time and effort we put in to make sure each and every project is custom tailored to meet their marketing needs and speak to their audience.

video-shoot-picsWe have a saying within our agency, “We make clients happy” and we strive with every project to make this come true for each and every client. So we set out to find the best way to convey this as soon as you land on our front page, so we decided that a humorous video of a extremely happy client would do the trick, so we hired a model/actor, rented a fine SUV, packed it up with a camera crew and headed out to one of the most iconic settings in the whole world (and our hometown) the Las Vegas Strip. We had a fun day trolling up and down the strip and scored our short loop of a happy client.

We meticulously planned the website, it’s needs and goals, had lengthy discussions on what the overall voice/tone of the website needed to be, so that potential clients could know who they would be dealing with and feel comfortable knowing they have put their branding, marketing and digital needs in good hands.

tmc-tieWe had a lot of fun creating this website and we feel it best represents who we are, a small creative agency in Las Vegas that can deliver big results.

Have any feedback on our new website or services we can provide?. We would love to hear from you, click here to contact us anytime.

Note about the author: Tim Davis has over 20 years experience building websites, from large .coms, small business and nonprofits. For the last 3 years I have done nothing but responsive design in an agency setting, working with many client both small and large using many different platforms to deliver quality websites. Currently I hang my hat at Trademark Creative were we strive to deliver the very best website for your marketing/sales goals.

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