5 Ways Day Spas Can Step Up Their Digital Marketing When it Comes to Website Development Las Vegas

1. A quality website development will speak to your market.

Las Vegas is a busy town, besides the locals who are here all year long there is the also a robust tourist market that you can certainly capture as well.  Finding the balance between the two is key. Improving your Digital Marketing where it pertains to a potential upgrade of a new website development is possibly the the most important facet of marketing you can do. You should never skimp on your day spa’s website development. Pricing structures and online booking can be greatly impacted by the appearance of your website.

2. Branding to win clients for life.

The real detail that many new companies miss out on is branding. Branding is not just sticking a logo on a business card, it’s… everything. Everything from your logo, your colors, your textures, your tone of voice across all your material and more. Having these items carefully articulated will deliver a more polished presence that will help ensure that a customer remembers you over the competition.

3. Getting your new website development in front of your audience.

Delivering a great online website experience is one piece to getting in the game of online marketing. Having a super website won’t do much if nobody is finding your site to begin with. Investing in quality SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) will push traffic and land new visitors onto your new and improved website in the first place. Don’t miss opportunities to capture new clients who are physically searching for terms related to your day spa business by neglecting to invest in ongoing website marketing.

Even more important, you need to make sure that every viewing experience is as good as it can be (no matter what device is viewing your website). Your website will be viewed from laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets and heck… maybe even the living room TV. So what can you do to ensure it’s optimal? Make sure your new website is built responsive. Responsive website developments will make sure that every device is delivering the very best user experience it can. When building in responsive, we tweak every little ratio and viewing pane from font size, to image size, menu navigation and beyond. Even the smallest adjusts can equate to a better online experience. Especially when a whopping 73% of your site visitors are looking at you on their mobile phone. Mobile viewing brings with it a completely different way of interaction. Streamlining content and making sure your customers can always can get to the information they need is critical.


4. Are you making the most out of your call-to-actions?

Are you making the spa’s message clear to potential clients online? Are there clear pathways to the items and services that would be most important to a potential online client? From well place phone numbers, to online reservation systems, menu prices and more, you need to make this information available and simple to find. A day spa is supposed to evoke the feeling of calm and relaxation, the online experience you provide should be no less of this.

5. Get in it to win, make your website development project a success!

Make a large part of your marketing budget available to your website development in Las Vegas. The single best way to put your information in front of existing or new clients is on the web. All other marketing channels like print and social will or should ultimately point users back to your website. And your website must be designed to close the incoming leads, so make sure this aspect of your marketing plan is super strong and well thought out.

I hope these tips are helpful to you in making good decisions when embarking on your new website development project. In the meantime I invite you to visit our website services page to learn more about services that Trademark Creative offers. And please feel free to contact us direct with any website questions you may have or to schedule an appointment to sit and consult with our in-house website experts about your new website development project. We’re here to help!

Note about the author: Tim Davis has over 20 years experience building websites ranging from large .coms to small business and nonprofits. For the last 4 years he has devoted his craft to building responsive websites in an agency setting working with small to large enterprise level clients. Currently Tim hangs his hat at Trademark Creative – where a close nit, world class team of creatives work in tandem everyday, striving to deliver extraordinary responsive website solutions designed to propel business sales and marketing goals.

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